About Us

The Water-Witch is the culmination of years of experiments, prototypes, development and testing.   

Nicholas Cook, the inventor and founder, had seen very slow-release irrigation earlier in his career, and saw its potential in raising plants faster and better with less.   After an intensive search of products around the world, Nick concluded that no unpowered devices on the market delivered the very slow, constant emission that was required.

With a background in liquid-food packaging, Nick was also well informed in the challenges of disposing of single-use plastic waste.  The Water-Witch was born by connecting these two challenges together.  

Abundant waste single-use PET bottles exist in nearly every country on Earth.   Our long term goal is to use some of this this waste, together with resources generated from sales of the Water-Witch, to help people in the developing world grow food and plant trees while saving large quantities of water.   To learn more about this ambition visit our company website www.horto-logic.com