1. Select a suitable bottle (see What Bottles tab). Most carbonated soft drink or sparkling water bottles are compatible, such as Coca-Cola or Pepsi brands.

  2. Use the table in the Your Plants tab to estimate your plant's daily water needs.

  3. Cut the straw on the Water Witch straw to set the corresponding water emission according to the guide on the packaging.

  4. Fill the bottle with water, screw on the Water Witch, and spike into the soil near your plant. Most carbonated/soft drink bottles are compatible, such as Pepsi or Coca-Cola brands.

  5. Water thoroughly by hand at the start of the watering cycle.

  6. Set-and-forget. Refill when empty.

The Water-Witch™ requires an undamaged rigid plastic bottle with a screw thread that matches.
All plastic carbonated soft drink bottles (pop/soda/cola/sparkling water) have a common thread that fits. We recommend 250, 330, 500, 1000, 1250 or 2000 mL (8 – 42 oz bottles).
Low priced supermarket brands in the 2000mL size are made of a particularly thin plastic and may not work.
If you have used bottles available and are in doubt, simply try one! If the cap screws on and seals properly and the bottle does not collapse when inverted, the Water-Witch™ will work. Verified brands of carbonated plastic soft drink bottles (8-64 oz, 250-2000mL) that function well with the Water-Witch™ include:

  1. Coca-Cola® (all variants)
  2. Fanta® (all variants)
  3. Pepsi® (all variants)
  4. Seven Up®
  5. Sprite®
  6. Dr. Pepper®
  7. Mountain Dew®
  8. Evian® Sparkling Water
  9. Perrier® Sparkling Water

Water requirements for your plant
The amount of water required by an individual plant depends on many other factors including the plant species, its size, season, temperature, growth phase and the amount of light exposure. The table below gives a good first indication of an appropriate setting for your Water-Witch™. Monitor your plants initially and adjust emission as appropriate.
Best practice for plants to thrive is to keep the soil moist, rather than wet. Soil that is constantly moist allows the plant to grow whenever there is available light.

Adjusting your device
The emission rate of the Water-Witch™ is set by cutting the straw to length. The packaging contains a calibrated scale which can be used to determine where to cut. The shorter the straw, the lower the daily emission rate.